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P, the realest Marcy, Brooklyn Yo, I come through, gettin' money, sittin' on twenties Niggaz throwin' me shade, but ain't shit sunny Hot shells only thing niggaz could get from me Cocktails thrown in your living room, ka-boom Sunn y soul of a hustler lyrics so confrontational They should've never let me go on probation yo I'm a hustler, accept that No correctional facilities can correct that I took a step back, I viewed myself, seen where my head was at It's where that dough is homey, gotta get that Gotta get away, some try but head back Uhh, street smart niggaz got left back Some died, they left stacks Me, I ball right and on top of that I'm dog nice Jigga been cold as fuck before ice Not before Christ, but a long fuckin' time Get your mind right niggaz N.

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