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On either side of the wide space broken up by benches and a directory kiosk, people were shoving their way through the racks of clothes, seemingly oblivious when articles fell on the floor in the various stores.

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For the second time!" I let loose of the tears now, wetting the pillow.

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At one point in my life, I'd dreamed of settling down.

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But I bit my lip, wanting to let him finish.

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It amazed me how often people came to work out leading up to the day synonymous with overeating.

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Please you?" Though my arms still refused to raise to him, words were finally on my tongue.

And then I was being pushed onto my back.

And they listened to him?" I couldn't help glancing at his chest, trying to see if there were marks that he'd once had a nipple piercing.


His fingers tightened around mine.

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